How we brought our team staffing approach to enterprise technology.

The backstory

A few years ago, a midwestern multi-regional bank came to us with a problem: They had legacy systems in place that didn’t communicate with one another. To put it simply, each of their banking products was built in a silo.

For customers who used more than one of their banking products — let’s say a mortgage and a personal checking account — the process of logging in to separate websites to access their accounts was cumbersome and clunky.

Perhaps equally as inconvenient, the bank’s employees could not get a holistic view of their customers. There was no single place they could go to see all of the products a customer was using.

What this regional bank needed was a fully integrated system across their portfolio of services and their customer base. They needed cross-product visibility that allowed them to effectively upsell, cross sell or offer the high level of service they promised their customers.

Their customers needed a simplified, single sign-on platform where they could access everything they needed in one place.

This project was a major undertaking, and the bank knew it. To get this new platform built correctly, most of their existing technology needed to be rebuilt.

That’s where we came in.

Our part in the story

When the bank’s leadership team approached us for a proposal on this project, they were searching for a staffing agency that could help them get the full integration done in three years. The timeline was aggressive, and they knew they would need to find a team that would work quickly and efficiently to deliver the results they wanted.

Based on the knowledge and experience we had gained from decades of experience staffing IT projects like this one, we knew that this particular project would require IT experts trained in the new technology that the bank wanted for their customers. We also knew that this project was going to require a large, flexible team — from IT consultants to designers, developers, QA managers and project leaders.

What the bank needed was not just a group of expert IT contractors; they needed an entire staff to move this project from start to finish. They needed the best IT professionals with the right skillsets for the job. They would also need help managing the project through what we call the “tedious aspects”: recruiting the right candidates, onboarding and training internal staff, managing turnover, and teaching the new technology to internal teams.

We stressed to them that, during the project, they could trust us to not only staff their project, but also to manage all of these moving parts for them so that they could focus on keeping their customers happy and the business running smoothly.

How the story ended

We were brought on by the bank as a strategic partner to staff and manage the project. Our team of recruiters onboarded and managed a staff of over 50 people who would work to get the project done in three years.

We hired some of the best IT consultants in the region to develop the new banking platform — from soup to nuts. Like many of our team staffing projects, the majority of the team was on our payroll.

The project was completed as promised. When all was said and done, the bank retained some of the project staff as full time employees. Some moved onto new projects after training the bank’s employees to take over the new technology.

Our team of consultants got it great on this project, leaving a happy client with new technology to better serve their customers and grow their business.

How can we help?

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