How we leveraged our transitional business staffing model through an acquisition.

The backstory

Many of our client success stories begin as a company enters a period of transition. In this particular story, a local healthcare technology company was in the midst of being acquired by a larger, national company that wanted ownership of their proprietary technology.

Once the acquisition was announced, there was a fear from management that they would lose many of their key people. They did not have clarity around the departmental structure of the new company, and, despite having unique and valuable skillsets, many employees worried about becoming redundant.

That’s where we came in.

Our part in the story

The local healthcare technology company had been a client of ours prior to the acquisition, but in this case, they needed a different type of service through the transition.

Based on our years of experience supporting businesses in various stages, we knew that we could help them through these big changes by activating our transitional business staffing model.

Our transitional business staffing approach allows a company to stay focused on their day to day while we retain their key technology talent through change. This model provides a safety net for management teams and a strong sense of security for IT talent.

We committed to the client that we would work with them through the transition and backfill any turnover with contractors so that there was no lapse in production.

How the story ended

The healthcare tech company brought us on as a strategic partner during their transition. We retained 13 employees and converted them to CRi consultants, with benefits. The management team was able to stay focused on big picture issues instead of staffing challenges.

We worked with them until the acquisition was complete and the lights were turned off at their local offices. All in all, the national company that had acquired them kept 82 percent of the staff while they transitioned their operations out of state.  

Our team — particularly our Consultant Experience Manager — got it great on this project, making the transition smooth and without skills gaps in their day to day operations.  The 13 consultants utilized this experience to continue on and grow in their careers with CRi. 

How can we help?

Contact us to learn more about our strategic approach to IT staffing and how we may be of service to your business.


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